iPad Symposium 2013

The Center for Literacy has organized an exciting array of workshops and hands-on sessions to help Ohio teachers and administrators identify and share best practices for integrating iPads the preK-12 classroom. Join some of Ohio's leading iPad educators to learn activities and assessment strategies aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers and Students.

The iPad Symposium is an intense one-day series of hands-on workshops designed to inspire and equip educators to facilitate student digital learning projects using iPads. Participants should BYOI (bring your own iPad) to the symposium. The iPad Symposium is led and facilitated by the Center for Literacy in conjunction with the most talented educators & administrators in Ohio! Many of our presenters are Apple Distinguished Educators.


We've been working with UA IT support to address wifi challenges. #UAiPad13 participants who are experiencing wifi connectivity issues, please take your device to the registration table in front of Room 312 so we can help!


The official iPad Symposium can be located online. Access the Schedule by clicking HERE.


All attendees will need to DOWNLOAD a parking pass. Please print, fold in half and place on your car's dashboard.

Graduate Credit

DOWNLOAD and print the Registration Form, fill out the form and email it to Sue Petsche(if you want to pay by credit card) or bring it to the Symposium (if you want to pay by check). Sue's email issusan3@uakron.edu

DOWNLOAD and print the course syllabus. You will need to complete the Attendance Log at the symposium and turn it in to Lori Vargo at the end of the day.



Twitter, Instagram and other Social Media: We'll be using hashtags to help organize material related to the iPad Symposium. The official Twitter hashtag is #UAiPAD13. Please include the hashtag in all Symposium related tweets. If you're an Instagram user, please tag all pictures with the same hashtag.

Blog: We will also be tagging presenter resources and blog posts using UAiPad13. If you are looking for materials related to the iPad Symposium on the Center for Literacy blog, search using this hashtag.

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